Fostering Innovation & Engineering the Future

Web Technologies are Utopian, and having spent half a million hours on web development, we have lots of in-the-trenches and battle experiences to veer you away from high cost projects and unappealing user interfaces.

We specialize in Web Engineering so regardless of whether you demand public facing or internal : Enterprise web applications, Intuitive application designs across form factors, Elegant data visualization, Lightning fast page loads, Support tens of millions users per day, Compliance and Standard certified websites; we do ALL of that and more.


We believe in the power of Web. Your business identity is your website !


- Whatever You're Into, Get Into E-commerce

Addressing the growing demand for better user journeys, advanced back-end capabilities and new transactional models, Genius Minds enables businesses to smoothly launch multi-vendor online marketplaces that supports 1000+ concurrent customers.

Content Management System (CMS)

- Content On Which You Intent

Manage workflow from a central interface and publish, edit and modify content without the intervention of a web master. With years of experience in end-to-end CMS development, Genius Minds have powered content heavy websites, intranets, community portals and web apps for Startups and Small Enterprises.

Business Applications

- There's no better way

Today’s customers demand, business-oriented applications, faster than ever before, with real time customizations that can keep pace with rapidly-changing market. Genius Minds is a leader in Line of Business Application Development and Deployment connecting multiple systems and business units of an organization with cutting edge technology.

SaaS Portals

- Bridge that gap with SaaS

In today’s application economy, businesses consider the SaaS model to be far more convenient than hosting software on-premises. SaaS helps you stay ahead of your competition. Genius Minds reduces operational costs with faster time-to-market and free-up valuable resources, allowing your employees to focus on what is most important for your business.

Ad Tech Web Properties

- A cut above the rest

Genius Minds understands that the broadcasting ecosystem is complex, and publishers and media buyers have specific challenges and opportunities that are unique to them. We have created a robust range of solutions designed for publishers targeting more than 50 million requests per day.

Social Media

- Step into the Light with Social Media

Owning your own social networking site gives your company full and total control over the message your customers and brand loyalist get to see and take in. Genius Minds' experts are high skilled and having vast experience in build custom social networking websites with advanced functionality and information sharing features.

Web EcoSystem