Today's Challenges

For most product owners, the day their product is actually released into the market it is end of product development activity. In fact, product release isn’t the end; it’s usually the start of a long maintenance and upgrade cycle. Once a product is out in the market, managers need to begin thinking about how to incorporate the feedback they receive into the next version of the product, to improve usability, user-friendliness, features and overall value.

Also a significant investment needs to be made to maintain multiple versions of an old code-base, many times on legacy technology platform to support existing clients until they can be persuaded to migrate to newer versions of the product.

Our Solution

Genius Minds assists and enables its clients to focus on their core competency by taking care of their day to day operational challenges i.e. managing and maintaining the ongoing application maintenance and support. We help our customers increase ROI for their software products by significantly improving time-to-market while optimizing maintenance costs.

Our team follows a well-defined and scalable product maintenance approach ensuring support is available when you need it the most. We take complete ownership of maintenance cycle right from Bug tracking, Release planning and Execution, Maintaining Traceability matrix, Regression test cycles through Deployment.


Reduce time and effort investment in customer & issue handling.
Cut costs of maintaining older versions of the product.
Effectively continue to maintain current products.
Manage the ramp-up and scale-down efforts during peaks.
Focus on fostering continuous innovation.