Today's Challenges

In today’s highly competitive business environment, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and SMEs are rapidly adopting Social, Mobile, Big Data and Cloud technologies to drive innovation, accelerate product development and cut cost. Navigating all of this requires competencies that are fresh and complex. Companies continue to manage existing legacy portfolio of the products which create scale and bandwidth issues for launching of new products.

Our Solution

With two decades of product engineering experience, Genius Minds offerings address challenges spanning the complete product development life-cycle, from Ideation and Design to Deployment and Release. We stay at the forefront of new trends and discoveries helping our clients quickly respond to market demands, build intelligent products, and ensure profitability by reducing development costs.


Innovate rapidly and cost effectively by focusing on core activities.
Gain bandwidth to focus on innovation and new product development.
Faster launch of the product in the market.
Shorten product development life-cycle.
Reduce product development and sustenance cost.
Obtain faster time-to-market responses.