DevOps is the Culture of High-Performance IT

Businesses should move their business at the speed of digital. With the need and aim to deliver faster and better, our DevOps specialists are here to help accelerate your Devops transformation. Whether you’re just getting started with your DevOps strategy or you need help maintaining your current system lets collaborate for faster Speed to Value.

DevOps Portfolio

The most powerful tool we have as developers is automation.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

- Make the most ofyour CI/CD Workflows

Automating the software development process using CI/CD allows you to focus on what matters — Building great things — not waiting for great things to build. Genius Minds helps customers build an environment where CICD practices provide seamless coordination between dev and test teams.

Continuous Deployment

- Deploy every change to production ASAP.

Organization that deploy to production several times a week can be very intimidating. Configure powerful deployment pipelines that run after all your tests have passed. We help the clients in automating end-to-end deployment. It speeds up the process as well as makes it reliable. Autoscale your apps up or down depending on your load needs by adding/reducing the number of containers running a certain app.

Configuration Management

- Automate and monitor all your environments

Unlike error-prone procedural scripts, which require you to define every step for configuring systems, Our DevOps certified engineers help you create error free, repeatable deployment processes using state of the art configuration management systems. We restore older configurations with a button click to rollback deployment issues caused by configuration updates.

Continuous Monitoring

- Everything visible. Everything secure

Continuous Monitoring implies implementing monitoring and oversight processes that provide a clear picture of security state at a given time, while also providing a mirror of control effectiveness over time. Genius Minds provides continuous monitoring services to maintain the security posture of enterprise environments. We design programs, set up continuous Monitoring and Log Analysis Systems to identify and proactively address potential threats before they turn into breaches.

DevOps EcoSystem