Big Data is the New Oil

Every day we create huge volume of data – much of it coming from new sources including financial and retail transactions, web logs, RFID, sensor networks, social media, call detail records, e-commerce, medical records and more.

With more data coming from more sources faster than ever, the question is: what is your Big Data strategy? Our big data and analytics consultants identify the current gaps, extract the relevant data, identify the data distribution insights and outlier records, create predictive models using advanced analytical techniques to make your data and analytics initiative a success.

Big Data Portfolio


Data Democratization

- Data democratization, your way !

Synthesizing and Standardizing data across heterogeneous and legacy – vendor and in-house systems is a big challenge. Adding that there are compliance, security and data sovereignty concerns. We understand these challenges and wrap them in the bionics of our processes and platform.

Data Processing Pipeline

- Data processing pipeline never lies

We expertize at architecting and orchestrating Enterprise Data Processing Pipelines. We have engineered data pipelines that handle : Data Ingestion at scale, Data Discovery, Data Transformation using ETL and ITL approaches, SLA measured Batch and Real Time Processing, Data Content Recognition and Data Cataloguing.

Transactional Applications

- The Smart Choice !

We understand and are already on the edge of paradigm shift of how traditional business management systems are turning into near-real-time, high-volume transactional systems. We help organizations migrate, manage and scale these systems to achieve better company dynamics.

Reporting and Visualization

- Path to Value !

We enable decision makers and stakeholders to identify new patterns, factors and trends in business with state of art graphical reporting and interactive visualizations based on their derived metric.

Big Data EcoSystem